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Maddie's First Roadtrip

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Davidson, NC and Atlanta, GA
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 - Sunday, April 13, 2008
Maddie's First Roadtrip photos

Purpose: To visit with family and attend my hometown baby shower

More details:
My oldest friend, Amie, offered with her mom to throw us a baby shower shortly after she found out that I was pregnant. We decided to make a trip out of it and visit with my parents and Atlanta family for a few days prior to the shower.

We left mid-afternoon on Wednesday and drove to my parents house. Maddie was napping before we left, and we couldn't get her to feed very much just before leaving. We figured we would have to stop not long after we got started, but she ended up sleeping in the car the entire way! Since we didn't stop at all, we made very good time.

We had dinner with my parents and went on a walk around their neighborhood. Abby was very interested in the baby and wanted to lick her. Maddie slept fairly well that night. My parents bought a pack-n-play for us to use during our visits. This turned out to be very convenient since it is compact and ours is a bit bulkier for traveling! We already felt like we were packing the entire house into our car!

On Thursday, Maddie fell asleep almost as soon as we got into the car and slept most of the way. We stopped for fast food about halfway and had to wake her up for her lunch. She then slept the rest of the way! We checked into the hotel in Atlanta where Gabe and I decided that she had her first "official" smile. We have been seeing her smile lately, but usually just one of us would see it. We were never sure if it was *really* a smile, but this time we both saw it. Cute baby!

We headed over to visit with my grandparents. They were very excited to meet their first great grandchild!! We had a nice time visiting in the evening with them, and then we headed back to the hotel to try and get some sleep. Maddie decided to throw a party at about 2am and declared, "it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to!" She was awake for over two hours before we could calm her down and get her back to sleep. We were worried that we were going to wake everyone in the hotel and get thrown out on the streets! She woke again around 7am and was quite fussy for about 4 hours. Wake up call for the hotel patrons! Finally, we put her in the carseat to take her over to my grandparents house, and she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot!

On Friday, the Bursons came over to visit as well as our dear family friend, Corinne. Maddie was fussy for a good bit of the day, but fortunately everyone didn't seem to mind too much. We had a nice meal and finished the day with a Braves baseball game. Joseph held Maddie through part of the game and finally convinced her to sleep. I think he had fun holding the baby.

Maddie slept better Friday night, and we headed over to my grandparents house in the morning for a short visit and breakfast. Afterwards, we headed to Laura and Nik's house for a few hours. We visited with Laura, Nik, Rob, Kathy, and Karen on our way out of town. Maddie was fussy during our visit, but everyone was just happy to meet her. Once we got into the car, she was calm. She spent the first part of the trip just looking around, and then she slept for the rest of the trip to Davidson.

We visited with my parents again, and Maddie didn't sleep that well on Saturday night. Mom and I gave Maddie a bath on Sunday morning, and then we headed to the shower in Salisbury. We allowed Gabe and my dad to show up at the last minute, which I'm sure they appreciated!

The shower was very nice. It was great to see people that I hadn't seen in many years! After the shower, Connie had arranged for us to see our old house. She knows the current owners. It was so neat to see our old house and to see the changes that had been made to it. Very surreal! I liked the changes, for the most part, and I was surprised at some of the things that had remained the same (like some of the wallpaper and carpet!). We weren't able to see my old room, unfortunately, as their son was at home (and apparently the room is a disaster). I enjoyed showing Gabe our old house!

After the tour, we went to Cracker Barrel with my parents and my sister. This turned out to be a bad place for someone who is avoiding dairy products! Everything there seems to be cooked in butter. I was able to find a few things on the menu that I could order, and the waitress was accommodating. I was sad that I couldn't have some of my favorite Cracker Barrel items! Maddie got mad right after our food arrived, so Gabe went to the car to calm her while I inhaled my dinner. Then he went back in to finish his while I fed her and tried to get her calm. She was so mad! Once we got on the highway, she was happy again and slept most of the way.

Overall, it wasn't a bad first trip. Maddie was fussy while visiting, but she was very good in the car. This is a relief! She did go through a TON of diapers. We were well stocked in the car, but she ended up going through most of them during the 4 day trip (over 70 diapers, whew!). The trip went well, but we think we will wait a few months before attempting another one!